About the network

Next SYMPOSIUM 3-5 November 2024

Babson Conference Center, Boston, USA

Our vision is to expand the understanding of COPD pathomechanisms and translate our knowledge into novel therapies to reduce the burden of COPD on patients and society.

The network´s primary focus is the advancement of translational COPD research by discussing ongoing projects, cutting edge human in vitro models, state-of-the art systems biology approaches and clinical cohorts. We strive to identify and enable synergies to facilitate the discovery of novel COPD pathomechanisms. By fostering new collaborations and ideas to transform our understanding of COPD, we aim to ignite novel research directions and therapeutic avenues thereby paving the way to eliminate COPD.

To this end, we bring together world-wide experts on basic, preclinical and clinical COPD research in monthly online meetings and in-person meetings at major respiratory conferences. Once per year we bring together all members in a COPD-iNET symposium (2023 in Munich). Developing a database for sharing resources, expertise, education, and mentoring is a priority, in conjunction with collaborative consortia to be competitive in high level funding opportunities.

If you want to join the network, please reach out to us.